Responsible Business Practices

Human Resources

The company's main asset and driving force are its people, a tight-knit team of professionals ready to cope with the most complex and ambitious tasks that are, first and foremost, related to the organization's performance improvement and the provision of best-in-class services to our customers throughout the country.

Denis Mashkov, Director for HR and Administrative Affairs, Russian Utilities Systems
Corporate values

Personnel remuneration. KPI system

Bonus Types for Employees
Results of Revizorro Inspections
Business Case
Lyubov Buldakova, head of the Material and Technical Support Department of Kirov Utilities JSC, is an active participant in the Go ahead! Program. Her proposals for changing the logistics applied to deliver commodities and materials to business units and recommendations on cleaning processes allowed the company to save more than 2 million rubles. Moreover, these innovations improved the efficiency of the company's procurement system by decreasing the number of transactions and time expenditure.

I would like to thank all employees for their ideas and willingness to make our company better. Involved and result-oriented employees do become the company's backbone and help us to address complex problems successfully and implement the most ambitious plans!

Pavel Kurzaev, General Director, Russian Utilities Systems Management JSC

Talent Pool Development

Selection of candidates for talent pool
Group's Personnel Training in 2017
Indicator Total number of (academic) hours of training Number of (academic) hours of training per employee
Total number of hours of training, including 31,304 10.67
executives 14,763 13.3
specialists 16,122 9.12
service personnel 419 7.47
The table does not include the training arranged for employees from the "workers" category as there is no system to collect such data. The employees of that category have regular briefings on issues connected with their jobs and undergo compulsory training, as provided for by the Russian laws. Furthermore, the table does not reflect data related to Energoprognoz LLC because the company has no system to collect such. The said systems are going to be deployed in 2018.

Communications Policy and Satisfaction Level Assessment

Additional Measures to Assess the Satisfaction Level in Enterprises of Russian Utilities Systems
Measures Issue-related surveys Meetings of executives with employees Face-to-face contacts of executives with employees Other*
Amur Utilities JSC + +
Volzhskie Utilities LLC + +
Kirov Utilities JSC + +
Novogor-Prikamye LLC + + Ask the Director section on the web-site
Tambov Utilities JSC +

Social Policy

Occupational Safety

Being a responsible employer, Russian Utilities Systems seeks to ensure safe and comfortable working environment for its employees. All measures intended to prevent occupational injuries and diseases are taken by the Group in strict in compliance with he law.

That was Russian Utilities Systems' largest-scale centralized purchase of special clothes ever. The objective was to provide high-quality, modern and safe work clothes to all employees of the Group — from laboratory assistants to water/heat supply pipe fitters. The projected service life of these new special clothes will cover the second half of 2017 and the first half of 2018.

Pavel Kurzaev, General Director, Russian Utilities Systems Management JSC

Anticorruption Activity

Anti-Corruption Policy
Business Case

The former director of a number of managing companies in Blagoveshchensk will have to pay the penalty in the amount of 30 million rubles for an attempt to bribe the head of Amur Utilities JSC. That fine was awarded by the justice of the peace in Blagoveshchensk in November 2017.

Business Case

Two internal investigations into alleged corrupt practices were carried out in 2017 (completed in 2018). The employees that had been found guilty were dismissed. One of them is subject to criminal liability.


Group's Procurement Procedures by Organization and Category

Control and Audit

The system of internal control and auditing is an integral part of the management system of Russian Utilities Systems. Its objective is to minimize the operating risks and to ensure the Company's performance.

Internal Control and Auditing

The system of internal control and auditing of Russian Utilities Systems is created in line with the requirements of Russian laws and international standards, including International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing of the Institute of Internal Auditors.

The Group's system of internal control and auditing is based on the Board Audit Committee Regulation (approved by Resolution No. 01/17 of the Board of Directors of Russian Utilities Systems dated 27.11.2017), Internal Audit Department Regulation (approved by Order No. 25 dated 07.05.2018) and the Regulation on Interactions between the Internal Audit Department and Security and Custodial Units during Internal Control Procedures (approved by Order No. 10 dated 27.09.2016).

Goals of Internal Control and Audit System
Internal Control and Auditing System Components


Management of Potential Conflicts of Interest

Insider Trading Policy

External Audit

Quality Assurance

Russian Utilities Systems develops its quality assurance policy from the perspective of financial viability, reliability and compliance with safety and quality requirements throughout the entire life cycle of its UH facilities.

The integrated quality system of Russian Utilities Systems is compliant with the the requirements of Russian legislation and based on the world's and Russia's best practices. The Group's short-term quality target is to undergo a number of certification procedures, including the ISO certification.

Model Water and Sewer Enterprise

In 2017, the Group launched the Model Water and Sewer Enterprise project to improve the efficiency, client-focus and performance of the group's assets. The Model Water and Sewer Enterprise project is a unified technical policy and a system of strategic measures that can improve the quality and reliability of the Group's water supply and sewerage operations*.

* See further information on the project in Section 2.4 Technical Policy.
Model Water and Sewer Enterprise

The Water Quality Testing Center of Amur Utilities JSC was the first to get the accreditation among nonpublic organizations in Blagoveshchensk. The specialists of the laboratory monitor the quality of potable tap water supplied to the residents of Blagoveshchensk 24 hours a day. The sewage is also being tested nonstop. In April, the Water Quality Testing Center was listed in the Register of Certification Bodies and Accredited Testing Laboratories (Centers), including the national section of the Unified Register of Certification Bodies. As a result, Amur Utilities JSC is allowed to test potable water and sewage in parallel with government agencies.